Buying Hanhart watches online can be difficult - after all, do a search on any search engine for "Hanhart Watches" and you'll find a number of web sites listing supposedly "brand new" Hanhart watches for sale.

What you may not know is the following:

• Most of these web sites are located outside of North America.

• Most of these web sites do not clearly point out that their prices do not include import duties, taxes, brokerage charges and in most states sales taxes on the import for which you are responsible and therefore must add to the price they show for the watch.

• Most of these web sites are selling grey market Hanhart watches and are not authorized Hanhart dealers. If unauthorized, their stock did not come directly to them from Hanhart in Germany, and may be shop worn, used, repaired, refurbished or repurchased from others.

There is also a web site located in the US advertising itself as the Hanhart USA Distributor - this is a distributor from many years ago and no longer serves in that capacity for Hanhart wristwatches.


We'll keep it brief and simple - if you live in the US or Canada, and you want to buy a brand new Hanhart watch online, trust only the official and sole North American Hanhart Distributor -

WatchBuys works hard to ensure that Hanhart clients in the US and Canada receive authentic Hanhart watches that are factory fresh and direct from Hanhart.


Purchasing your new Hanhart watch from WatchBuys as a US or Canadian resident ensures that your new which has been properly registered and recorded by serial number and model for future warranty and service work.

It also means that should you resell your watch, you have the correct boxes, papers and warranty card stamps to show to your buyer that your watch was purchased from the authorized North American source chosen by Hanhart, and is not a grey market watch (or worse). This can significantly impact resale value.